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African Women's Unique Vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS
L. Fuller
editor: Springer
ano: 2008
descrição: This is an in-depth look at the biomedical, socio-cultural, economic, legal and political, and educational vulnerabilities faced by the population that is most vulnerable to the risk of contracting HIVAIDS: African women.
AIDS Policy in Uganda
J. Kinsman
editor: Springer
ano: 2010
descrição: This book presents a history of AIDS control in Uganda, from the start of the epidemic in the early 1980s up until 2005. Uganda is well known internationally as an AIDS 'success story', both for its bringing down HIV incidence and prevalence over the...
AIDS Treatment and Human Rights in Context
P. Jones
editor: Springer
ano: 2009
descrição: The book poses and explores questions about the roles of antiretroviral treatment and human rights in the global AIDS epidemic. A novel approach is used, which places treatment and human rights in the context of global debates, national struggles, an...
Anthropology of Dying
Mira Menzfeld
editor: Springer
ano: 2018
descrição: Mira Menzfeld explores dying persons’ experiences of their own dying processes. She reveals cultural specificities of pre-exital dying in contemporary Germany, paying special attention to how concepts of dying ‘(un)well’ are perceived and realized by
Antiblack Racism and the AIDS Epidemic
A. Geary
editor: Springer
ano: 2014
descrição: Anti-Black Racism and the AIDS Epidemic: State Intimacies argues that racial disparities in HIV rates reflect the organization of racialized poverty and structural violence. Challenging the popular perception of HIV, black vulnerability to HIV in the...
Assisted Suicide: The Liberal, Humanist Case Against...
K. Yuill
editor: Springer
ano: 2015
descrição: This book presents an atheistic case against the legalization of assisted suicide. Critical of both sides of the argument, it questions the assumptions behind the discussion. Yuill shows that our attitudes towards suicide – not euthanasia – are most ...
Beyond Evidence Based Policy in Public Health
K. Smith
editor: Springer
ano: 2013
descrição: This book explores the complex relationship between public health research and policy, employing tobacco control and health inequalities in the UK as contrasting case studies. It argues that focusing on research-informed ideas usefully draws attentio...
Bioethics Beyond Altruism
Rhonda M Shaw
editor: Springer
ano: 2017
descrição: This book departs from conventional bioethics approaches to consider the different moral and political economies involved in the donation and transformation of human organs, gametes, stem cells and breastmilk. Collectively, the authors draw attention...
Bioscience, Governance and Politics
J. Gillott
editor: Springer
ano: 2014
descrição: Through case studies, theoretical research and interviews with leading players in science and governance, this book introduces a new understanding of change in governance of bioscience research. In particular it examines change as it is shaped by app...
Boys to Men in the Shadow of AIDS
A. Simpson
editor: Springer
ano: 2009
descrição: This ethnography charts the lives of mission-educated men in Zambia and their search for meaning in the AIDS pandemic, as well as their responses to prevention and HIV testing. It also suggests how hegemonic masculinities may begin to be re-figured a...
Breast Cancer and the Post-Surgical Body
S. Crompvoets
editor: Springer
ano: 2006
descrição: An examination of surgical breast reconstruction which establishes a strong link between, on the one hand, the personal feelings and actions of women with breast cancer, and on the other, powerful discourses and practices of the breast cancer movemen...
Breast Cancer Genes and the Gendering of Knowledge
Sahra Gibbon
editor: Springer
ano: 2007
descrição: The book examines the social and cultural context of new genetic knowledge associated with breast cancer. It looks at how this knowledge and technologies are used and received in two contrasting social arenas - cancer genetic clinics and a breast can...


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