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(Re-)Locating TESOL in an Age of Empire
J. Edge
editor: Springer
ano: 2006
descrição: Are TESOL professionals now fairly seen as agents of a new English-speaking empire? Or, if they wish to distance themselves from this role, are there ways of working and living that would make this differentiation clear? An international group of aut...
A Critical Companion to Spenser Studies
Bart Van Es
editor: Springer
ano: 2006
descrição: This book provides an authoritative guide to debate on Elizabethan England's poet laureate. It covers key topics and provides histories for all of the primary texts. Some of today's most prominent Spenser scholars offer accounts of debates on the poe...
A Cultural Approach to Discourse
S. xu
editor: Springer
ano: 2005
descrição: Shi-xu critiques universalism in discourse studies in terms of the cultural consequences of its current white, western standpoint and advocates a culturally pluralist approach, a theory and research methodology from an innovative position between Eas...
A Hybrid Theory of Metaphor
M. Tendahl
editor: Springer
ano: 2009
descrição: A provoking new approach to how we understand metaphors thoroughly comparing and contrasting the claims made by relevance theorists and cognitive linguists. The resulting hybrid theory shows the complementarity of many positions as well as the need a...
A Lexicon of Social Well-Being
editor: Springer
ano: 2015
descrição: We must quickly learn how to live well in the world as it is today, including the realm of work. We need to learn a new vocabulary of economics and markets that is more suitable to understand the present world and that is likely to offer us the tools...
A Sociolinguistic History of Early Identities in ...
National Institute...
editor: Springer
ano: 2013
descrição: What role does race, geography, religion, orthography and nationalism play in the crafting of identities? What are the origins of Singlish? This book offers a thorough investigation of old and new identities in Asia's most global city, examined throu...
A Student's Guide to the MA TESOL
Nancy Bell
editor: Springer
ano: 2009
descrição: This book is a practical and insightful guide for new MA TESOL students, providing information that will shape their expectations of the field and of their program. It discusses foundational information about the profession, as well as discussion and...
A Viagem de Traduzir
Dominique Gran...
editor: Edições Pedago
ano: 1905
descrição: “Uma tradução é uma criação? Porque não partir daqui? Traduzir é uma viagem estranha, da qual podemos não regressar. É evidente que uma tradução não consegue dar o fôlego justo a um texto, abrir as portas do sentido para pronunciar “a frase de depois...
Academic Evaluation
K. Hyland; G. ...
editor: Springer
ano: 2009
descrição: This book explores how academics publically evaluate each others' work. Focusing on blurbs, book reviews, review articles, and literature reviews, the international contributors to the volume show how writers manage to critically engage with others' ...
Accentuation and Interpretation
H. Schmitz
editor: Springer
ano: 2008
descrição: Develops a highly original theory of accentuation in which accentuation serves the mere pragmatic function of making utterances well comprehensible. Semantic effects of accentuation are explained as epiphenomena of pragmatic accentuation. The theory ...
Action and Existence
J. Swindal
editor: Springer
ano: 2012
descrição: Since the pioneering work of Donald Davidson on action, many philosophers have taken critical stances on his causal account. This book criticizes Davidson's event-causal view of action, and offers instead an agent causal view both to describe what an...
Advertising as Multilingual Communication
H. Kelly-Holmes
editor: Springer
ano: 2005
descrição: Advertising has traditionally communicated messages to consumers with strong local and national identities. However, increasingly, products, producers, advertising agencies and media are becoming internationalized. In the development of strategies th...


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