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A Cultural Approach to Discourse
S. xu
editor: Springer
ano: 2005
descrição: Shi-xu critiques universalism in discourse studies in terms of the cultural consequences of its current white, western standpoint and advocates a culturally pluralist approach, a theory and research methodology from an innovative position between Eas...
A Cultural Sociology of Anglican Mission and the Indian...
Eric Taylor Wo...
editor: Springer
ano: 2016
descrição: This book focuses on the recurring struggle over the meaning of the Anglican Church’s role in the Indian residential schools--a long-running school system designed to assimilate Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture, in which sexual, psychol...
A Study of China's Foreign Aid
Y. Shimomura; H...
editor: Springer
ano: 2013
descrição: This book provides a new perspective of China's controversial foreign aid strategy. The chapters offer a thorough examination of data to show how China has created knowledge in its long experiences of aid and how this accumulated knowledge could cont...
Adaptation, Poverty and Development
D. Clark
editor: Springer
ano: 2012
descrição: The first book to examine in detail the ways in which people adapt their understanding and behaviours towards poverty as a direct result to their experiences of poverty in developing countries, including world-leading academics and case studies from ...
Advertising as Multilingual Communication
H. Kelly-Holmes
editor: Springer
ano: 2005
descrição: Advertising has traditionally communicated messages to consumers with strong local and national identities. However, increasingly, products, producers, advertising agencies and media are becoming internationalized. In the development of strategies th...
African Transnational Diasporas
D. Pasura
editor: Springer
ano: 2014
descrição: Pasura proposes a framework for understanding African diasporas as core, epistemic, dormant and silent diasporas. The book explores the origin, formation and performance of the Zimbabwean transnational diaspora in Britain and examines how the diaspor...
After 2015: International Development Policy at a...
A. Sumner; M. ...
editor: Springer
ano: 2009
descrição: The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have played a major role in focusing policy since their original incarnation in the mid to late 1990s but what happens when we no longer have the MDGs - what will guide policy after 2015? This book discusses th...
Ageing, The Body and Social Change
E. Tulle
editor: Springer
ano: 2008
descrição: The book explores the relationship between embodiment and the production of the key structures which frame agency to map out potential for social change. It uses modalities of ageing embodiment in the context of sport participation in later life, spe...
Aid, Peacebuilding and the Resurgence of War
S. Holt
editor: Springer
ano: 2011
descrição: As one of South Asia's oldest democracies Sri Lanka is a critical case to examine the limits of a liberal peace, peacebuilding and external engagement in the settlement of civil wars. Based on nine years of research, and more than 100 interviews with...
Alternative Energy in the Middle East
G. Bahgat
editor: Springer
ano: 2013
descrição: The Middle East region holds the world's largest oil and natural gas proven reserves. Several Middle Eastern States are major oil producers and consumers. Given price fluctuations and environmental concerns many countries have sought to diversify the...
Anthropology, Theatre, and Development
Alex Flynn; Jonas...
editor: Springer
ano: 2015
descrição: The contributors explore diverse contexts of performance to discuss peoples' own reflections on political subjectivities, governance and development. The volume refocuses anthropological engagement with ethics, aesthetics, and politics to examine the...
C. Cockburn
editor: Springer
ano: 2012
descrição: A lively, first hand account of the ideas and activities of women and men in anti-war, anti-militarist and peace movements. The author looks at the tensions and divergences in and between organizations, and their potential for cohering into a powerfu...


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