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Literary Second Cities
Jason Finch; Lieven...
editor: Springer
ano: 2017
descrição: This book brings together geographers and literary scholars in a series of engagements near the boundaries of their disciplines. In urban studies, disproportionate attention has been given to a small set of privileged ‘first’ cities. This volume prob...
"... meine liebe Freude an dem Göttergesindel"
Eun-Kyoung Park
editor: Springer
ano: 2005
descrição: Die Verarbeitung der antiken Mythologie - und z.T. auch der jüdisch-christlichen und der germanischen - in Heinrich Heines Werk ist Thema dieser Studie, die aufgrund ihrer Materialfülle und Gliederung auch als Handbuch und Nachschlagewerk benutzt wer...
"Auschwitz drängt uns auf einen Fleck"
Matthias N. Lorenz...
editor: Springer
ano: 2005
descrição: Ist Martin Walser ein 'geistiger Brandstifter', sein Roman 'Tod eines Kritikers' ein antisemitischer Text? Was ist überhaupt 'literarischer Antisemitismus'? Der Verfasser zeichnet die für das deutsche Selbstverständnis so signifikante Walser-Debatte ...
"Rabbi Faibisch, Was auf Hochdeutsch heißt Apollo"
Regina Grundma...
editor: Springer
ano: 2008
descrição: Heines ästhetisches Konzept eines säkularen Judentums. Vor dem Hintergrund der Haskala bestimmt Heinrich Heine Judentum und jüdische Identität außerhalb eines Glaubenssystems: In seinem Gesamtwerk vollzieht er exemplarisch den Übergang von einem konf...
(Re-)Locating TESOL in an Age of Empire
J. Edge
editor: Springer
ano: 2006
descrição: Are TESOL professionals now fairly seen as agents of a new English-speaking empire? Or, if they wish to distance themselves from this role, are there ways of working and living that would make this differentiation clear? An international group of aut...
(Re)mapping the Latina/o Literary Landscape
Cristina Herrera...
editor: Springer
ano: 2016
descrição: This book broadens the scope of Latina/o criticism to include both widely-read and understudied nineteenth through twenty-first century fictional works that engage in critical discussions of gender, race, sexuality, and identity. The essays in this c...
(Re:)Working the Ground
J. Maynard
editor: Springer
ano: 2011
descrição: This collection of essays focuses on the remarkable late writings of Robert Duncan. Although praised by reviewers, Duncan's last two books of poetry have yet to receive the critical attention they merit. Written by a cast of emerging and established ...
J. Machon
editor: Springer
ano: 2009
descrição: A timely book that identifies the practice of '(syn)aesthetics' in artistic style and audience response, which helps to articulate the power of experiential practice in the arts. This exciting new approach includes interviews with leading practitione...
?ad?th As Scripture
A. Musa
editor: Springer
ano: 2008
descrição: This work explores the earliest extant discussions on the authority of the Hadith in Islam and compares them with contemporary debates. These lively and often polemical debates are mostly popular discussions in which Muslims from different background...
“Gypsies” in European Literature and Culture
V. Glajar; D. ...
editor: Springer
ano: 2008
descrição: This book traces representations of 'Gypsies' that have become prevalent in the European imagination and culture and influenced the perceptions of Roma in Eastern and Western European societies.
100 American Crime Writers
S. Powell
editor: Springer
ano: 2012
descrição: 100 American Crime Writers features discussion and analysis of the lives of crime writers and their key works, examining the developments in American crime writing from the Golden Age to hardboiled detective fiction. This study is essential to schol...
9/11 in European Literature
Svenja Frank
editor: Springer
ano: 2017
descrição: This volume looks at the representation of 9/11 and the resulting wars in European literature. In the face of inner-European divisions the texts under consideration take the terror attacks as a starting point to negotiate European as well as nationa...


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