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50 Schlüsselideen Quantenphysik
Joanne Baker; Bernhard...
editor: Springer
ano: 2015
descrição: Eine Entdeckungsreise in die subatomare Welt und ihre erstaunlichen Phänomene Die subatomare Welt ist ganz anders als die uns vertraute. In ihr scheinen weder Teleportation noch alternative Realitäten unmöglich zu sein, und vieles von dem, was wir ...
editor: IST Press
ano: 2015
descrição: A 19. Conferência Nacional de Física e 24.° Encontro Ibérico de Ensino da Física ocorreram no Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade de Lisboa, de 2 a 4 de Setembro de 2014. Contando com mais de 250 participantes, realizaram-se durante a 19. Con...
A History of Lung Cancer
C. Timmermann
editor: Springer
ano: 2014
descrição: The first comprehensive history of lung cancer from around 1800 to the present day; a story of doctors and patients, hopes and fears, expectations and frustrations. Where most histories of medicine focus on progress, Timmermann asks what happens when...
A History of Prostate Cancer
Helen Valier
editor: Springer
ano: 2016
descrição: This book offers a comprehensive and inclusive insight into the history of prostate cancer and its sufferers. Until recently, little practical help could be offered for men afflicted with the devastating diseases of the genitourinary organs. This ...
A Primer for Spatial Econometrics
G. Arbia
editor: Springer
ano: 2014
descrição: This book aims at meeting the growing demand in the field by introducing the basic spatial econometrics methodologies to a wide variety of researchers. It provides a practical guide that illustrates the potential of spatial econometric modelling, dis...
A Primer for Unit Root Testing
K. Patterson
editor: Springer
ano: 2010
descrição: This book gives an authoritative overview of the literature on non-stationarity, integration and unit roots, providing direction and guidance. It also provides detailed examples to show how the techniques can be applied in practical situations and th...
A Short History of the Drug Receptor Concept
C. Prüll; A. Maehle...
editor: Springer
ano: 2009
descrição: The concept of specific receptors for drugs, hormones and transmitters lies at the very heart of biomedicine. This book is the first to consider the idea from its 19th century origins in the work of John Newport Langley and Paul Ehrlich, to its devel...
A Social Epistemology of Research Groups
Susann Wagenkn...
editor: Springer
ano: 2016
descrição: This book investigates how collaborative scientific practice yields scientific knowledge. At a time when most of today’s scientific knowledge is created in research groups, the author reconsiders the social character of science to address the questio...
A Theory of Causation in the Social and Biological...
A. Reutlinger
editor: Springer
ano: 2013
descrição: This first full length treatment of interventionist theories of causation in the social sciences, the biological sciences and other higher-level sciences the presents original counter arguments to recent trends in the debate and serves as useful intr...
A Wittgensteinian Perspective on the Use of Conceptual...
T. Racine; K. ...
editor: Springer
ano: 2013
descrição: This edited volume includes contributions from internationally renowned experts in the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. It applies his later philosophy to concrete issues pertaining to the integrity of scientific claims in a broad spectrum of resea...
A World with Robots
Maria Isabel Aldinhas...
editor: Springer
ano: 2017
descrição: This book contains the Proceedings of the International Conference on Robot Ethics, held in Lisbon on October 23 and 24, 2015. The conference provided a multidisciplinary forum for discussing central and evolving issues concerning safety and ethics t...
Abenteuer Mathematik
Pierre Basieux
editor: Springer
ano: 2011
descrição: Nicht Mathematik zu betreiben, sondern zu erfahren ist das Abenteuer, das dieses Buch bietet – Denkexpeditionen, deren Ausgangspunkt Fragen sind: Was steckt hinter mathematischen Fiktionen wie den unendlich vielen Stufen des Unendlichen oder dem Letz...


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